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ihnl- i have no life, hardest internet crew ever created. only has 2 members and there both gay but still is the hardest crew cuz were gangster like that. anybody can be a member. u just have to
1. only leave ur house once a week, and u can never have real friends
2. must jerk off at least 5 times a day
3. must of never had a girlfriend or boyfriend.
4. must spend at least 16 hours a day on the internet.
5. must be ugly
6. cant know any minoritys.
7. must have zits.

well thats about it, if u want to join u can contact me at tubgirl.com, or u can jerk off in my eye. thank u
o shit son u hear dat shit on da news bout them ihnl thugs, they b conquerin da internet and shit sannnnnnnnnnnnnnn mad crazy yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
by thug August 27, 2004

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have i luck no
IHNL (Luck)
I Have No Luck it's a way for geeks and nerds say "i hate my self", it's describe somone with a big head and he is smart that CANNOT win a monopoly game.
some that HNL have to say as an every day word "LOL".
good bye cruel world... IHNL!!! (ahhhhhhhhh... poof)
by Boring August 27, 2007