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bald skinny and gay. Sits on his computer all day watching and pressing refresh on his browser hoping some responds to his posts on the cor on ta. Also known to sit on his porch and ponder why so many people flame him. Harasses young girls on the net. posts pics of them on threads and gets flamed for invasion of privacy. No job No girl NO hair and hardly any time left in life. Whats a brotha to do?

also known for having nervous breakdowns on forums.
Billy you better shut down the computer. your gonna get igottaknowed
by Vivid March 20, 2005

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getting gangraped on the internet. an internet punching bag. also known for having nervous breakdowns on forums
oh man last night i was walking down this alley and got igottaknowed by a gang of black guys
by anonymous March 16, 2005
A pedophile who has a tampon/menstrual fetish and likes to discuss them on various internet forums.

Also know for mental breakdowns.
This igottaknow obsesses over used tampons and little kids.
by FunkJax October 11, 2006