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People who deny facts supported by overwhelming scientific evidence, and simultaneously look down on and act superior to those that believe those facts. They also have their own pseudoscientific sources that they cite, which typically contain content that has undergone as much scientific scrutiny and fact checking as homeopathic remedies contain active components.
K: "Hey, you've been typing for hours. Whatcha been up to?"

R: "I've been battling the swarms of Ignoratti on Facebook after someone posted an article saying that baking soda and lemon juice is more effective than chemotherapy in fighting cancer."

K: "Damn. Fight that good fight, man."
by richard christopher June 29, 2015
The legion of young men and women who frequent 'progressive' campaigns and decry corporate greed while surfing on their Ipads and sipping lattes at Starbucks.
Check out the ignoratti in front of Wall Street.
by Mr. History October 16, 2011
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