An adjactive used to describe the people who use the dictionary to put down people who dress, act or look differently than they do.
Closed-minded definition writer:wow look at that preppy guy over there with his A&F polo and Hollister shorts, he's so brain-washed by the media he's such a conformist.
Me:Why don't you stop being so damned ignorant and stop judging people by what they where. Maybe that guy just likes those clothes cuz they look good. Ever think of that ass-hole?
#prep #chav #jock #goth #closed-minded
by Losh October 22, 2006
1. A general, all-purpose term for one who is excessively stupid or one who is unsuited to exist as a human being. Insult to be used only by those of extreme greatness*.

*If you have to look up this word, you are probably not included in this elite.
1. That's ignorant.
2. You're ignorant.
3. Why do you have to be so ignorant?
4. You're an ignorant biggot. You bastard.
5. Ignorant. (after someone makes an ignorant statement -- followed by a face bludgeoning**)
by Treeshrew November 18, 2004
see people
Look it's another ignorant person, oh joy.
by Jenny January 11, 2004
a) lacking knowledge about a certain subject
b) doing something (speaking, acting, doing) that is disrespectful and/or stupid.

see also retarded
>>she was driving on the wrong side of the road.
<<that's ignorant.

>>he cheated on her with her sister.
<<that's straight ignorant.

>>we asked him where canada was, and he said next to mexico.
<<he is ignorant!
#ignorant #retarded #ignorance #stupid #stupidity
by lilies September 04, 2006
Doesn't mean lack of knowledge or stupid, means that you ignore things and in order to ignore things you have to know they are there. Pretty commonplace in most countries, including here in england, not just in america. Probably one of the most dangerous things in existence because it means goverments can get away with anything, like george bush and tony blair.
Your average bnp voter or flag flying american tends to be ignorant.
#ignorant #george bush #tony blair #america #stuff
by clibedij January 16, 2006
Those who think they are better than a person of different "race,religion,sex,etc." due to a possibility of the lack of knowledge,poor upbringing,or just being close-minded!!!
Hey look at that white dude over there "Billy" he looks like a whigger wearing that phat farm clothing!!!
by lilweezy January 19, 2004
someone who makes you mad by behaving in a way that is disrespectful and that makes them look stupid, and they don't know or care.
1. I hate that bitch! She always pisses me off. She is so ignorant!
by Jacentha November 24, 2003
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