Democrat; one who does not know what is happening in the world around them, so they vote for whoever has a (d) next to their name on the ballot
Lisa: Is Phil gonna help us vote this idiot out in 2012?

Nate: No, He's Ignorant
by taylorswiftshusband March 02, 2011
A way to describe someone who just doesnt have a clue and is narrow-minded.
"That outfit you are wearing is hideos!"
"Shut up! You're ignorant"
by blondeserendipity May 03, 2009
Synonymous with Republican
Vote? Of course I can vote! I'm a registered Ignorant.
by Crystalis178 September 11, 2007
A word that a person uses in an argument that makes them sound like they know more than the other person. Usually used by atheist assholes.
Theist: There is a god.
Atheist: How about you do some research and look at the facts, you are so ignorant!

Theist: Happy Birthday, Jesus!
Atheist: Christmas is based on a Pagan holiday, it has nothing to do with Jesus. You Christians are so ignorant!
Theist: I'm celebrating the birth of my Savior, it doesn't matter what day it is on.
by huh?? January 12, 2008
Synonymous with crass, crude, vulgar, etc. in Pittsburghese.
Pronounced /ig'nert/
A: "D'you ever pee while yer takin' a shar?"

B: "Sometimes. D'you ever pee sittin' down?"

C: "Why don't yinz quit bein' so ignorant?"
by Bo Dagger May 26, 2007
What you are if you meet someone you dont even know, ask them to be your gf/bf one week later, and by the second week, tell them you love them. And while doing so, hurting the one who actually cares for you and not even having the decency to appolagize.
Wow, that boy over there with the bad haircut is very ignorant because he thinks he thinks he loves someone he doesn't even know.
by Jamisonfields January 10, 2010
An adjactive used to describe the people who use the dictionary to put down people who dress, act or look differently than they do.
Closed-minded definition writer:wow look at that preppy guy over there with his A&F polo and Hollister shorts, he's so brain-washed by the media he's such a conformist.
Me:Why don't you stop being so damned ignorant and stop judging people by what they where. Maybe that guy just likes those clothes cuz they look good. Ever think of that ass-hole?
by Losh October 22, 2006

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