Jessica Perre. Someone whos entire life is contractraction. Someone who thinks they know everything, but really no absolutly nothing and on a daily bases makes themselfs sound stupid without even knowing it.
saying that you have never had a real bf, when really you have had many chances, more then you deserve, and all of them ultimatly end becuase of you.

Lieing straight to your friends face about something, when they know you are lieing and have evidence right in front of them.

Someone who brags about being caught by the police.

Someone who denies being high when they are high.
by AG April 24, 2005
rude, mean, asshole-ish
can i get a dollar?
hmm .. no
ur fuckin ignorant
by tab March 02, 2005
See neocon oops, I mean "conservative."
Ignorant people think Rush is omniscient.
by blah August 30, 2003
These are those people in the world who make you extermly mad by their vast stupidness
Bob said "Jerry how was Mexico", "Just a bunch of Ignorants down there" Jerry replied
by Phantom Righter March 07, 2008
A chick that is so hott thats she's ignorant like she is like the coldest chick u seen in years like omega hott hott like u get nerouse talking 2 her or even looking at her,this term is only used 4 girls not guys
there are those rare cases of beyond ignorant chicks like glossy and a few others
ignorant girls r hard 2 find and sumtimes hard 2 bag so if u kno 1 bag it ASAP
DAMN son look at HER she Ignorant as fuck b im bout 2 bag it
by the coldest 187 August 24, 2007
Failure or refusal to see the truth of your surroundings.
Living in your own world to escape reality. Failure to know what is happening in the real world.
Tammy: I don't want to hurt him but just show him I have feelings
Jed: Your so Ignorant that you don't see that you are hurting him.
by GamVid April 02, 2016
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