People who summarize entire races and/or cultures in one or very little experiences with those types of people; people who are bigots and say rash comments about entire races and/or cultures withe very little knowledge.
ignorant people use stereotypes by saying that immigrants come to the United States by boat and illegally.
by deshan November 14, 2006
Someone who is shallow and uneducated
When wondering if someone's a jew check
A. Last name
B. appearance
C. Nose

A very ignorant, shallow, and stupid thought
by The person who's typing July 03, 2013
A noisy, ill-informed and unsophisticated declamation coupled with a lack of credibility and should never be taken serious.
The recent conservative tea parties to protest taxes are merely an attempt a collective igno-rant by a bunch of whinny little cry babies.
by S.W.A April 17, 2009
a fool, one lacking knowledge or sophistication. politicians are quite ignorant. most of them of the left wing. see also liberal.
liberals care for everyone except for the straight white man. liberals are ignorant.
by independan­t July 16, 2006

Stupid people.
I'm surrounded by a bunch of ignorants!!
by DLM June 04, 2005
To get all hyper and mad and make a big scene.
The way Ken talkin', Imma get ignorant , quick!
by joeyharp July 26, 2011
to be silly or say something out of the blue that is not really related to the conversation, can be used to describe a close friend in a good way(slang)
"Dont you know its Black History Month?"

"It is? I always thought it was called Represent Month."

"Lol, wow your ignorant."
by Lolo4sho March 21, 2010
crude, ill mannered, boorish (not to be confused with the standard sense of lacking knowledge)
We have a bunch of ignorant people on the radio who get paid for running off at the mouth.
by The Return of Light Joker July 02, 2011

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