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People who summarize entire races and/or cultures in one or very little experiences with those types of people; people who are bigots and say rash comments about entire races and/or cultures withe very little knowledge.
ignorant people use stereotypes by saying that immigrants come to the United States by boat and illegally.
by deshan November 14, 2006
213 161
Close-minded, stupid.
no further explanation.
by Saints October 12, 2003
29 27
a word from the root word ignore , some one with a closed mind incapable of learnin somthin new (some one to ignore)
we should ignore the ignorant
by ADAM NICOLIA April 10, 2008
18 17
when someone lacks knowlege about something and sounds stupid when saying something ignorant.
"You listen to screamo?

u must be a emo/depressed freak!"

"umm no i kinda just like the music stop being an ignorant dumbass"
by LoveYouStupid8l December 03, 2009
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The inability to understand or comprehend someone else's point of view.
Person 1: Insert controversial subject here is wrong.
Person 2: That's what you think.
Ignorant person 1: No, you are just stupid for saying that.
Ignorant person 2: At least I know I'm right.
by Relyk March 03, 2009
6 6
n. a person who portrays ignorant qualities and is non knowing of facts. used as insult.

adj. a derogatory term used to describe someone who should keep there goddamn mouth shut.

1. That person's such an ignorant, theyve had there turn signal on for the past 4 blocks.

2. yo, did you hear about that ignorant ass bitch? she called the cops on herself.
by joooossshhh December 20, 2008
5 5
a) lacking knowledge about a certain subject
b) doing something (speaking, acting, doing) that is disrespectful and/or stupid.

see also retarded
>>she was driving on the wrong side of the road.
<<that's ignorant.

>>he cheated on her with her sister.
<<that's straight ignorant.

>>we asked him where canada was, and he said next to mexico.
<<he is ignorant!
by lilies September 04, 2006
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The exact meaning of this word can be found in comments and/or everyday activities done by Matt AKA Achped from gopednation.
He lives in florida, and denies being a hick.
"I thought Enzo was its own car company in Germany?

Who the fck cares, its not American anyways." Achped.

"I hate SoCalians. 98% of them do things that are just weird." Achped

can you get any more ignorant?
by t rev er November 13, 2005
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