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People who summarize entire races and/or cultures in one or very little experiences with those types of people; people who are bigots and say rash comments about entire races and/or cultures withe very little knowledge.
ignorant people use stereotypes by saying that immigrants come to the United States by boat and illegally.
by deshan November 14, 2006
214 161
Lacking in knowledge, awareness, empathy, and wisdom. Can apply to anyone, regardless of political affiliation. Contrary to popular belief, it is a very broad state of mind, not largely dependent on one's specific views on a subject. Despite this larger meaning, this word is usually hurled towards others by people who are also ignorant who happen to be upset by something someone said.
Most democrats and most republicans are ignorant. In fact, most people are as a whole! Blargh.
by Shadow Creator January 01, 2008
89 41
ignorance isn't all about what black people say, fuck what the black people say and worry about it yourself, ignorance is not know something, and shows no attempt to know it...has nothing to do with blacks.
-all black people say ignorant!
-...that's a fucking ignorant statement right there
by deejaysjoosijays April 16, 2007
114 71
Contrary to popular belief, being ignorant is not direct stupidity, but simply being "Ignore-ant" in other words, choosing not to listen to obvious fact.
Explorer: The Earth is round i tell you! The Earth is round!!

Ignorant Mob: Burn him!! Burn him alive!
by Dominicjm January 26, 2008
78 51
A word used quite often by stupid black people when they dont get their way or someone proves they are stupid in some way.
Dave: No, Tyrone, fried chicken is not the cure to AIDs.

Tyrone: Shu' up, you is jus' ignorant, you ignorant.
by DSD90 July 26, 2006
341 323
alot of people, especially on this site. someone who sees a situation from their own point of view and thinks they're right no matter what because they can't see it from any other angle.
That kid over there is a loser with no life and is a complete idiot caus hes smoking weed/drinking underage...

(the person saying that would be ignorant)
by jimmy January 22, 2005
93 77
a liberal's favorite word
guy 1: all im sayin is that i cant agree with abortion because it is still life.

liberal: your ignorant!!!
by Preezy P June 10, 2008
26 15
(a)A person who would rather do nothing than learn something.
(b)Someone who is unknowing and wanting not to know.
MAN:Come here and I'll show you how to use the new dishwasher.
WOMAN:No, I'd rather not know.
MAN:Quit being ignorant and get over here!

Your so ignorant, I'm suprised you ever learned how to breathe!

I wish my grandparents would stop being ignorant about computers so i could send them an e-mail

by J u l e s January 21, 2007
24 13