1. Having the lack of knowledge, or background/factual information of a particular thing in general. However, the effect in which this person will be proceeding with their "unproven knowledge" imbedded in their mind as if factual information, they, in turn, will plan on using it in the future to make false and incorrect statements based on what they didn't know about the particular thing, or may have heard as a majority of votes for.

And being ignorant does not mean stupid. There's a big difference between the two words.
1. During World War Two, in an American city(in the U.S.), two ignorant policemen arrested an Asian man who is in charge of a small store because he looked like a Chinese spy when he was really Japanese and not a spy.

2. Derek walked up to Shavam, noticing that he looked like he was from India, and asks him, "Are you Indian?" Shavam replies, "Yes." Derek then asks, "Say somethin' Indian." Shavam, confused, walks off. Kaitie, who was watching the whole conversation, walks up to Derek and tells him he is ignorant because of what he said.

3. Rebecca turned on a lamp and the bulb went out, so she went to get a new lightbulb, leaving the lamp switched to "ON". Freddy, her ignorant little brother, saw the bulbless lamp, and wondered what would happen if he stuck his finger in the lightbulb socket of the lamp, not knowing that he would get shocked.
by The Emolah(aka Emily Valentine) February 17, 2006
Someone who has to look up ignorant on urban dictionary.
Billy lived in a swamp for 14 years, so he was ignorant of world outside of banging his sister.
by IchBinDerMuzzy January 08, 2010
XBOX 360 Fanboy's
People who support the 360 more than anything else are ignorant people.
by Mister Z March 13, 2009
Synonymous with Republican
Vote? Of course I can vote! I'm a registered Ignorant.
by Crystalis178 September 11, 2007
1. Lacking education or knowledge.
2. Showing or arising from a lack of education or knowledge: an ignorant mistake.
3. Unaware or uninformed.
4. See fool.
Democrats are ignorant.
by BBQ Sheep March 27, 2003
Democrat; one who does not know what is happening in the world around them, so they vote for whoever has a (d) next to their name on the ballot
Lisa: Is Phil gonna help us vote this idiot out in 2012?

Nate: No, He's Ignorant
by taylorswiftshusband March 02, 2011
(adj) The act of not knowing anything.
A term used to describe someone who tries to think they know something but they don't.
I tried talking to this one girl about politics and she was ignorant to the fact that the President of the US is underpaid!

How ignorant can you be? The president of the United States (no matter who is in office) is the most underpaid position in the United States...LeBron James makes more for playing one game than the president makes in an entire year!!!
by Shawtywanardy November 30, 2010
To know nothing about what you are speaking of. To be a complete idiotic moron who needs to get shot in the fucking face.
Nick: Hmm, I like this taco. Jeezy: Tac0, I like a w0man's tac0. Nick: Good luck getting a woman's "taco" typing like that. Chuckle: Fucking Ignorant ass.
by Chuckle (: November 07, 2010

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