the state or fact of being ignorant : lack of knowledge, education, or awareness
His racist attitudes were born out of ignorance.
an appalling ignorance about certain things.

The people who add to this site show ignorance in the spellings of their words.
by Krystalaza May 07, 2013
1. your new best friend
2. the name of a great paramore song
3. the other definitions
ou treat me just like another stranger
Well it's nice to meet you sir
I guess I'll go
I best be on my way out

Ignorance is your new best friend
Ignorance is your new best friend
by i love you cam call! November 16, 2009
The act of repeating the same action which proves ineffective the first 2 times it occurs.
To act on the pretense that repetitive actions will provide a solution rather than finding a more effective way.
Ramming your body against a wall instead of walking around it.

Repeatably trying the same button combination in a game that has already proven to not be the answer.

IE: "Johnny cuts himself when preparing food tonight because he is using the knife wrong. Johnny on average cuts himself 5 times a month. Johnny's ignorance makes his way of chopping up food very hazardous to his health."
by Maduo August 27, 2011
A characteristic of the majority of Americans. People who enclose themselves into a small glass jar, made up by their own pseudo culture and oversimplified (often erroneous) view of the world, and then assume they are superior to everyone else. (Characteristic viewed as amusing by most Europeans).
"Those Americans are so full of ignorance!"
"Probably because their society does not have a serious cultural background..."
by Qubix21 July 25, 2008
Defense mechanism; bastion of the brain-cell challenged.
See gay
by Peace January 12, 2004
Cypres H.
wow, look at that ignorce talking over there
by John May 23, 2004
see also: bliss
I find bliss in IGNORANCE
by Shot5times June 23, 2003
Something that is instilled into 99% of Europeans.

also see arrogant.
I'm American and you call us ignorant but you know what they say it takes one to know one and if I'm ignorant, I sure as hell know what an ignorant person is.
by Caption America July 27, 2005

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