Abbreviation used to clarify something, to narrow something, or to specificate. This form is used ONLY in writing, this is too strange in speaking.
I would dig in some pizzas, i.e. the italian one.
by egava September 29, 2015
Itchy Eye Syndrome

The sudden urge to want to rub your eyes for hours upon hours usually the symptoms of being extremely high.
Your I.E.S always has you scratching your eyes and not passing the blunt!
by Stew Padasol February 12, 2012
Acronym for 'inland empire' in Southern California.
sam (3:32:00 PM): going to monster?
mark (3:32:08 PM): no
sam (3:32:14 PM): a swing party out in the IE
by jackolantern23 October 23, 2008
The acronym and slang for the Inland Empire area of Southern California.
"We couldn't find our way out of the IE, so we looked for bro trucks, and drove in the OPPOSITE direction until we reached the safety of the coast."

"If you want to go to the IE, look for a truck with a barbeque grill in the back, and follow them home."
by bycrom February 07, 2009
an "instant erection"
On a scale of one to ten I would rate her a IE... instant erection.

Wow ! She is so sexy. Yeah.. she is an IE
by Woody3333 May 03, 2008
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