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Instead of the logical definition of I.E. (which is a Latin translation of "That is"), some people decided it would be a great idea to abbreviate the Inland Empire and make it sound cool.
This area is located 37 miles inland in Southern California and has a desert like climate: either very hot or very cold. I don't know of any reason why anyone would want to go there.

There is nothing cool about and it appears to be getting worse. Recently, anyone that can't afford living in Los Angeles moved out to the Inland Empire which includes illegal aliens, and gang members.

Personally, when I hear I.E., I think of Internet Explorer and anyone that uses it to define the Inland Empire has an IQ of 10.
Dude, lets go to the I.E and kick it with the cholos and essays.

Lets buy a house in the I.E. and grow some corn in our back yard like the ranch we had in Mexico.
by Rob Yo April 29, 2008
51 154
1. i.e. Abbreviation of Latin 'Id Est' meaning "that is" (to say).

2. Abbreviation of Internet Explorer - often proceeded by the version number. A software application developed by the Microsoft Corporation used to browse the world wide web (www).
1. I like thick spaghetti i.e. the fresh variety.

(not to be confused with e.g. (for example) - i.e. provides an explanation rather than an example.

2. I browse the web using IE6.
by Dan Fox August 01, 2003
786 113
abbreviation for "id est," Latin for "that is"; also means, "in other words." it is followed by an explanation, specific list or a paraphrase.

compare with e.g.

also reference: www.getitwriteonline.com/archive/061801.htm, another comparison of i.e. and e.g.
i like music (i.e., the ordering of tones or sounds to produce rhythm, melody and/or harmony.)
by ambercat May 08, 2005
759 122
Microsoft's crap attempt at an Internet browser. It's very basic design means many viruses are able to infect your computer easily along with lots of spyware and adware. Smarter people chose to use other browsers like FireFox, Operah and Safari.
Person 1: Oh crap man, my computer has 7000+ viruses
Person 2: That's because you use IE ¬_¬
by Dudeboy July 17, 2005
448 247
1) Acronym for Inland Empire, located in Southern California

2) The area in So Cal. consisting of cities in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties

3) One of the largest and toughest prison gangs in California

4) The Meth capital of the world
Prisons are full of the homies from I.E., especially Chino.
by CDC Convict January 08, 2011
40 21
Basically a "thumbs down" for Microsoft Internet Explorer, the worst internet browser ever created.
If you use IE, you fail. FAIL!
Josh: Oh man that dude is IE
Emily: IE?
Josh: You know that browser developed by Microsoft
Emily: Oh that browser is FAIL
Josh: Exactly
Emily: I get it now (laughs)
by Johnnyquidd December 07, 2010
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It stands for Internet Explorer!

A really bad brower that messes up your computer.

Girl2: Yes, I use it all the time but my computer always gets viruses.

Girl1: Go get Firefox now!
by ThisisAva July 19, 2005
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I E stands for the "Inland Empire", an area in Southern California that cover numerous cities, as well as counties that span from approximately 40 miles inland from the west coast to the San Bernardino and Riverside counties. The Pomona Valley, although in Los Angeles county, is also included.
I live in Rialto; I'm from the I E.
by MsVette February 18, 2008
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