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-an expression of disbelief in the polish language; alternatively can be used in dismissing something stupid that has come out of one of your buddie's mouths

Polish equivalent to the friendly non offensive version of the English saying get tha f#$& otta here

Commonly used in conjunction with ehh and kurwa as in: ehhh idze idze idze kurwa

Commonly said by people who also say, "Zdupcaj" or "srol pies" or my personal favorite "Niech cie szlak zwali."
Frank: Holy shit, its 330 am - hey guys i think im gonna call it a night, I have an interview with Google tomorrow morning at 7 am.
John: Idze idze idze franek kurwa how often do you get to tear it up with these polaks, jeste po jednym.
by Yoyopol February 18, 2011
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