I don't know
(a word that is used too much on AIM or text)
p.s. sarah i think the count is about 187 right now
Who are you texting?
by Fangzhou June 25, 2007
Back the fuck up i don't know.
Teacher ask: Who invented post-it notes, Amanda?
Amanda says: Man, idk the answer. Who do i look like? Albert Einstein?
Teacher says: No.
Amanda says: So IDK. Idiot.
by whatever.suckit March 23, 2009
Insant Messenger acronym:
"I Don`t Know"

Usually used by people who use IM for the same exact 15 minutes every day.

This one is so rare I sometimes gotta stop and think what it means.
FuppleRampays is no longer idle at 3:10
FuppleRampays:uhh yo
PoposeMadger:when is 8or`s party?
PoposeMadger:wtf dude
PoposeMadger:I DONT KNOW!!
FuppleRampays:...there you go finally
PoposeMadger:wait what....
PoposeMadger:o yeh rite I was just fuckin with you
PoposeMadger:thats all
FuppleRampays has signed off at 3:25
by tanukisanyo May 20, 2005
you are unsure in thoughts semi-confused
"idk what to do, i am confused in what i should be doing next or even at the moment"
by viicctoriiaa November 17, 2006
i dont know - to annoy many, idk how i do that...

so idk blah night i finaly got some sleep

A word that is a GREAT PAIN to many in AASF....

it must be dealt with, with the utmost care *FRAG OUT!*
by (-SF-)GhostRider December 27, 2005
1. Letters meaning the words "I don't know"
2. Nickname for Kodora's sentence accomplice
1. My answer for that question is... idk..
2. (Example by: IDK)
by Kodora October 04, 2003
i have absolutly no idea
idk what idk means
by Anonymous September 22, 2003

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