idk what it means
guy 1: what does idk mean?
guy 2: idk
Idk- is to say i dont know
commonly misconfuesed with idc witch mean i dont care
idk is a texting term but some times used in verbal conforosations
'what are you doing today"
"do you want to do something"
by KeepSnakes June 25, 2009
Most commonly used as a shorter version of "i don't know" but in most occasions you don't give a crap about what there saying therefore it becomes" i don't care" because really, you don't.
1: Hey
2: Hey
1: wuu2?
2: Have a guess
1: idk
2: Have a go!
1: no i'm serious idk
2: Blah, Blah, Blah, Drone...
by Gabbbzzz January 27, 2009
idk corp.
i work at idk corp.

by moo...ur face January 07, 2009
by Ronald Reagan pep master October 26, 2008
an abbreviation for I Don't Know
idk anything about it
by Fawaz October 11, 2003
A dumb and unsophisticated way of saying "I Don't Know." Usually used by lazy teenagers who spend their time going on myspace and drinking orange soda.
guy 1: Do you know what 2+2 is?
dumb teen: idk
guy 1: My house is on fire! What should I do?!
dumb teen:uhhhh...... idk....get insurance?

teacher: Karie, you wrote "IDK" on all of your test answers. Could you explain why you did this?
dumb teen: uhhh......IDK.......

-scratches head-
by JeanieXO October 21, 2009

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