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Text jargon for "I don't know." The abbreviation saves individuals significant time when relaying their stupidity via text message.
Cathy: omg cindy i hav no idea how 2 put this condum on my bf do you no how

Cindy: omg idk!

Cathy: lol
by erikstangents December 13, 2011
3 0
1) An abbriviation of "I don't know"

2) A term used by all the hip and with-it optometrists in the context of the severely visually impaired
1) "Hey are you gonna be able to go to that thing at that date and time upon which we agreed earlier?"
"Idk... maybe."

2) "Yo Thompson, check out this fool here, he's got some legit idk creepin in."

"Thas wack, brotha."
by Teh K March 01, 2010
11 8
Short For I Don't Know
Jeff:Do You Want To Go To The Movies?
by Seagulls Of Satan August 04, 2008
12 11
I dont know. Usually used to show you dont understand some thing.

Used in the examples below:
Izzy: Mate
Emma: Yh
Izzy: Whats 4x4?
Emma: IDK?
by emotionalemma July 15, 2009
3 6
I Don't Know.
Blonde : What's IDK mean?

Brunette : I don't know.

Blonde : Ug! Nobody knows!
by noʎ ʞɔnɟ November 18, 2009
6 10
Idk- is to say i dont know
commonly misconfuesed with idc witch mean i dont care
idk is a texting term but some times used in verbal conforosations
'what are you doing today"
"do you want to do something"
by KeepSnakes June 25, 2009
8 12