1. three simple letters that, together, they form a word meaning 'i don't know' in aim lingo. typing 'idk' instead of 'i don't know' is much faster and easier.

2. this word/combination of letters is most commonly found in the same phrase as, "idk, my bff jill?" this phrase is found in those texting commercials.
1. emmy: soo what do you wanna do today?
mary: umm, idk.

2. emmy: who stole my cookies?!
mary: idk, my bff jill
emmy: oh.
by ~lexii~ July 04, 2008
1) An abbriviation of "I don't know"

2) A term used by all the hip and with-it optometrists in the context of the severely visually impaired
1) "Hey are you gonna be able to go to that thing at that date and time upon which we agreed earlier?"
"Idk... maybe."

2) "Yo Thompson, check out this fool here, he's got some legit idk creepin in."

"Thas wack, brotha."
by Teh K March 01, 2010
idk means i don't know
"idk why I love Mia so much I just do"
"Idk the answer"
"idk how to drive"
by jake12321 May 18, 2016
idk mean "I don't know" but really when teens use it it means there annoyed and are saying I don't know and I don't give a fuck. True story

You: idk *sign annoyed*
Mom: ...
by Wild Owls Sienna April 27, 2016
Short For I Don't Know
Jeff:Do You Want To Go To The Movies?
by Seagulls Of Satan August 04, 2008
short for i dont know
Sam are you bored?
IDK suck my nuts
by ethanisalad October 19, 2015
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