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Shorthand form for "I Don't Know".
Person1: what do you want to do today?
Person2: idk you pick
by Ruben Mothballs July 05, 2003
A mysterious abbreviation. No one actually seems to know what it means.
"What does IDK mean?"
"I don't know"
by Caeser1993 December 09, 2009
you just typed idk in the search box cause you ran out of ideas of what to search for.
hmmm..... idk what to search for...lets type idk.!!
by Anonymous4876576948 August 27, 2009
1. I don't know
2. I Donkey Kong - another way of saying I don't know, but much cooler.


Person 1: Hey, are we going to go watch the game tonight?
Person 2: I donkey kong :'(
Person 1: WTF is that supposed to mean?!!!
Person 2: idk
Word commonly used by teenyboppers in IM conversations even though they have no clue what it means.
Some guy: Hey, whats your phone number?
Teenybopper: idk
Some guy: What the fuck is an idk???
Teenybopper: I dont know
Some guy: If you dont know what it means then why the hell did you say it??
Teenybopper: Uhh.... (Teenybopper has signed off at 14:42)
by towel401 September 23, 2004
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