An extreme idiot
95% of the population is made up of idiots.
90% of those are idjits.
by three newtons January 23, 2004
idiot jerk
my ex husband was such an idjit.
by kelliecatz October 22, 2008
a little idiot. very slang. usually used in a condescending manner to from an older person to a younger. commonly used between siblings to slightly insult.
younger sibling: what color is the sky?
older sibling: idjit
by bakergirl7595 January 14, 2011
The language/dialect of an idiot.
I'm sorry, I'm afraid I don't speak Idjit.
by Marti October 30, 2004
An idiot midget. Used most commonly as an insult among friends.
A stupid person with way less than average height who is there for an idjit.
by Juliet B. December 22, 2010
Yankee fan.... also see 'Tard and Lakers Fan
You idjit Yankee fan, you went into boston without an armed escort...*sigh*
by Anti-yank101 July 16, 2004
a word they say WRONG on supernatural a lot its actually pronounced 'eejit' and spelled that way too.
Scottish and Irish slang for "idiot"
you're such an idjit (eejit)
by m1996 November 21, 2014

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