Word created by Stacy to define Manda & D.Ho during one of their normal slow moments and one of Stacy's normal insult/ name callin sprees that she oh so normally goes on but that's why we love her!!!
"whaddup idiotica"
by Amanda April 05, 2004
Top Definition
Combination of the word idiot and erotica. It's the fetishization of our idiotic mass consumption culture . This culture consists of stupid idiotic insecure people who buy large idiotic mechanical toys to compensate for their lack of intelligence and phallus. They also have erotic fantasies about fast noisy snowmobiles, ATVs, pick up trucks, expensive sports cars, and power boats.
Idiotica examples. People who hang around Tim Horton's and spend their day bitching about the price of gas while their gas guzzling pick up trucks are in the parking lot idling, polluting the atmosphere, and melting the polar ice caps.

2. Punks who ride off the designated trails and take out hydro pole guy wires with expensive 20,000$ snowmachines or ride on thin ice and drown because they didn't want to spend an extra 200$ to buy a trail permit.
by B8dger February 18, 2013
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