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It is believed to have originated in the mid 90's. Used to describe anyone, or anything that one believes is woefully lacking in qualities such as "awesomeness" and "wicked friggin cool".

Often used by highly informed, well educated scholars and amateur art connesieurs.

Synonym: Freak of nature
Example 1:

Guy 1 (Geoff): I find Mozarts late era work coming up short in terms of the themeatic disposition his earlier works lent out
Guy 2 (Kent): That's why you are an idiotic piece of crap, Geoff.

Geoff: I frosted my tips today, does it look good?
Kent: Yeah, it looks like you are not an idiotic piece of crap
Geoff: Really?
Kent: No.
Geoff: You are an idiotic piece of crap, IPoC for short.
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