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The cross-breed between an "idiot" and a 'retard"
That guy over there is such an idiotard.
by Shaeghda October 28, 2007
6 1
some one who is annoying, stupid, and ignorant. idiot and retard combined. like someone who pushes a door that says pull
jay: waz upp my nigger
bob:what you call me?
jay: nigger
bob:you better mean nigga you idiotard.
by kadizzle May 12, 2007
20 8
An idiotard is a preson that is an idiot and also a retard.
Taylor and Libby.

Taylor is being an idiotard today!

Wow! Libby is such an idiotard!

I think idiotardness is contagoius!
by xXxtAYxXx March 05, 2008
11 2
n Idiotard is just another synonym for retard, tard, fucktard, fucknut.
Look at those idiotards in the front row. They're throwing drinks at the players.
by 3P July 10, 2008
8 2