Someone who defines something by their opinion soley, and not on the facts.
***Defintion of Eminem: Eminem is a white trash wannabe rapper that makes the rest of the rap world look like shit.***
As you can see, they have no factual info whatsoever, they just want to comment on how they dont like said thing. also, EMINEM IS GREAT SO STFU IDIOT ;)
by Prawn3r December 14, 2010
Something we call George W. Bush
Man, George W. Bush is such an idiot
by roflcopter3214 September 19, 2010
If you're searching up this word you must be an IDIOT.
The word idiot is frequently used and easy to understand, why would one need to search this word? Duh they must be a complete idiot. ^^
by AtrociousAntics August 19, 2010
A generally misguided or stupid person.
Barack Obama is simply a complete idiot.
by fuck_socialism May 05, 2010
adorable, cute, awesome, insane, random, funny.
girl "lol BANANAS"
guy "you are an idiot"
by Diceman2037 May 01, 2010
Jimmy Maher.
Jimmy Maher is a dumbass, idiot.
by lizz4u<3 April 11, 2010
a person who posts stupid definitions for words.
That guy is an idiot.
by MataNui1962 April 04, 2010

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