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you idiot!! you are such a kyle.
by poo face fart breath the 2nd January 06, 2009
3 13
1) someone stupid.
2) a game in which someone holds up a number and the next person has to hold up a different number while saying the number the person before them held up. if that person messes up and holds up the same number they're saying everyone in the group must mock them twice and then scream IDIOT! IDIOT!
girl 1: *holds up 2 fingers*
girl 2: *holds up 2* two oh whoops!
everyone: two oh whoops, oh whoops. IDIOT. IDIOT.
by peaceeeeeonearth December 02, 2008
0 10
Someone who looks up the word "idiot" in a dictionary.
If you don't know what idiot means, god help you Dumbass!
by TravisRex November 18, 2008
2 12
The singular of idiot (the plural form).
I am an idiots. (c.f. I am stupids.)
by NcjW October 08, 2008
11 21
The author of this definition feels like an idiot explains the word idiot.
by Gothicvampireprincess September 15, 2008
15 25
awesome great people
Those people are idiots
by Sigmund Freud of the fourth August 11, 2008
3 13
someone who defined their own name on urban dictionary, than looked up the word idiot somewhere along the lines, read the first deffinition, and is now smiling cus they realized they just did it within a matter of minutes. :)
Wow...I sure feel like an idiot now!
by anonymous one for the pages June 18, 2008
13 23