A derogatory term used to describe a person that presumably lacks proper intelligence. This word is more than often used improperly as the term is nearly always based off a laughably tiny sample space. Typically, one will be called an idiot for being responsible for one minor mistake. Being called an idiot often stems from an unintentional mishap within the confines of education.
Teacher: Kid 1, please spell bourgeoise.
Kid 1: B-o-r-r-g-e-o-i-s-e?
Kid 2: Ahah - Kid 1 spelled bourgeoise incorrectly! Wow, Kid 1, you’re such an idiot!

Kid 1 was referred to as ‘idiot’ by Kid 2 for the rest of eternity. No one picked up on Kid 2’s fallacy, much to Kid 1’s dismay.
by Aarachnos January 20, 2016
The people who put an actual definition on urban dictionary
What a freaking idiot.
by i swear im not a bot, trust me December 28, 2015
Someone who dares you to throw a pair of scissors at them.
You think I won't throw these scissors at you Thomas, well then you're an idiot.
by UnicornPieGirl November 07, 2015
The person who looks this up on Urban Dictionary.
That Mike guy was such an idiot, he looked up the adjective describing him on Urban Dictionary.
by BrazzersBananas July 17, 2015
Person who is of supreme stupidity
That's enough nonsense out of you... you stupid idiot
by ChildishHatchjr July 06, 2015
Anyone who has to look up the word "idiot" in an urban dictionary to find out what it means.
You are an idiot.
by Urbandictionaryuser123 June 09, 2015
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