A word that is often used for a person who is acting or is actually stupid. This person my also be annoying or selfish. You would use this word also for joking around. This person is most likely to be a buttface, as well.
"You idiot!"
by Clocunut April 27, 2009
The person who looks this up on Urban Dictionary.
That Mike guy was such an idiot, he looked up the adjective describing him on Urban Dictionary.
by BrazzersBananas July 17, 2015
Person who is of supreme stupidity
That's enough nonsense out of you... you stupid idiot
by ChildishHatchjr July 06, 2015
Anyone who has to look up the word "idiot" in an urban dictionary to find out what it means.
You are an idiot.
by Urbandictionaryuser123 June 09, 2015
a dumb person
by carafa0123 May 21, 2015
the person who is actually looking this up
This idiot actually has to look this up!
by angieboo May 08, 2015
Person who fucking always messes shit up. They have no confidence and don't know a single fucking thing. They really need to get their shit together and just get fucking smarter.
Person 1: You're a fucking idiot
Person 2: No, he is just a fucked up shit-head
Person 1: True dat.
by Daniooo8 April 13, 2015
A stupid person
May: "Emma, I love Justin Bieber!
Emma: "You idiot!"
by CrownPrincess 664433551122 April 11, 2015

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