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computer. negative connotation.
Who needs a paper or pencil when you can do everything on the idiot box?
by destaniisrad December 12, 2009
4 38
one whom says somthing quite silly or one who is stupid all the time.
mainly used in front of small children in lue of profanities.
yo, idiot box.
by brian gross the bg bagocks March 01, 2003
5 46
a game wherin on person sneaks up on another and traps them under a blanket, preferably keeping them there for prolonged periods of time while screaming "idiot box!"
charlie was giving me lip so i put his ass in the idiot box.
by pooter-face snatch-queen May 14, 2003
4 46
Idiot Box is a term used to refer to some just dumb person or persons. An Idiot Box can also be refered to as a retard, loser, or clown
Man, that was dumb you idiot box
by Mihajlo The Kid December 06, 2004
11 56
1) see i-box.
2) something that adults that act like children (under the ocean) play in and use their "imaginaaation".
1) Shut up you idiot box!
2) Let's go play in the idiot box!
by Kevin December 19, 2003
21 70