Something all too common at urbandictionary and demonstrated when people write ignorant definitions of things they know nothing about, label and stereotype groups of people and persons they know nothing about, and defame groups of people-particularly persons of faith-they disagree with.
Idiocy is the largest commodity ignorant people will never run out of.
by krock1dk May 24, 2008
idiocy: a common disease developed in teen years. Highly contagious. Symptoms include:
- being male
- backstabbing females
- random flailings
- being a douche
- making plentiful mistakes especially in the spelling x grammar department
- being an all around idiot.
We could tell he'd caught idiocy by the way he thought he could get away with anything. Idiot.
by Annie-L December 17, 2008
A group of three or more "bros."
The idiocy of bros took forever to drunkenly cross the street; obviously going to the next bar.
by cwilleysurban March 06, 2015

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