Tony award winner--the most amazing, talented, inspiring, beautiful, down-to-earth human being on this planet. She has a beyond-powerful voice that words cannot even explain. She's an amazing actress, and has been in many things. She is best known as Elphaba, the green one, in the Broadway show Wicked. She has played Maureen Johnson in Rent in the OBC and was in the movie as well. She was in The Vagina Monologues, the off-broadway show The Wild Party, and Chess with Josh Groban. She was in the movie Tollbooth, Enchanted, and Ask the Dust. She also premiered in Glee, known as Rachel Berry's long lost mother Shelby Corcoran. She has made many other guest appearances in many shows, including Private Practice, Hercules, and Kevin Hill. She married Taye Diggs of Private Practice, where she met him in the OBC of Rent. She was born on May 30, 1971 in Queens, NY and was raised in SYOSSET, NEW YORK. LONG ISLAND REPRESENT! :D Taye and Idina married on January 11, 2003. They had their first son, Walker, on September 3, 2009. Her album I Stand was a huge hit and she went on tour in 2008. She's back on a tour with a whole bunch of symphony orchestras, including the NY Philharmonic on February 5, 2011. She's amazing, beautiful, talented, hilarious, gorgeous, and she's my hero. That's all there is to say.♥
If my mom got me tickets to Idina Menzel's concert in NY on feb. 5, i will cry, scream, faint, scream, and..yea u get the point.
by fanzel December 28, 2010
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Broadway star. Occasionally green, always awesome. Has an EXTREMELY devoted/insane/obsessed fan base. Sings better than you. Or you. Yeah, or you.
Oh my frickin' GOD, Idina Menzel just posted on her blog! I have to go comment in hopes that she might possibly read it and email me back and then my life would be complete! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD! *breaks out into a terrible rendition of "Defying Gravity" and faints*
by Meredita May 31, 2005
Actor. Most famous for originating the role of elphaba in the broadway musical "wicked", for which she won a tony. also known for her role as maureen in the original cast of "rent"
idina menzel is the coolest person ever
by wicked fanatic February 09, 2005
A popular Broadway and film actress, singer and songwriter.

Idina is best known for originating the roles of Maureen in Rent and Elphaba in Wicked. She has also appeared in Aida and Amneris and in 'The Wild Party' as Kate. Most recently, she can be found in the Public Theater's production of 'See What I Wanna See'.

Idina has released two CDs, 'Still I Can't Be Still' (1998) and 'Here' (2004). She has a song on the soundtrack for the popular television show 'Desperate Housewives' and also sings on the Ray Charles album 'Genius and Friends'. Recently, she signed a record deal with Warner Bros., and will begin recording after her run in 'See What I Wanna See'.

Idina has also appeared in various movies, including 'Summer of Sam' and 'Kissing Jessica Stein', and had a cameo in the film 'Camp'. She reprised her role of Maureen in the movie version of Rent and will also have a role in the film 'Ask the Dust', which is due to be released late 2005.

Idina is married to actor Taye Diggs.
You can sing okay, but you're definately no Idina Menzel.
by burning.beat October 13, 2005
An awesome broadway actress. Originated Elphaba in Wicked and Maureen in Rent. Has an amazing singing voice.
Idina Menzel is amazing at everything she does.
by J M April 21, 2005
Idina Menzel. Broadway Power-House who originated the role of Maureen in the hit Broadway musical RENT and Most recently left the cast of Wicked after 3 years of playing Elphaba (also known as the wicked witch).Married to Taye Diggs.
Idina Menzel Is The Broadways Princess!
by Ryan April 08, 2005
best singer alive. can sing like no one in the entire world. married to taye diggs
Idina Menzel is the most amazing person on broadway.
by Lil Idina March 14, 2005
A very well known, and loved, broadway, film, and music superstar.

Originated the roles of Elphaba in Wicked, and Maureen in Rent. Featured roles in Aida, Lippa's The Wild Party, and See What I Wanna See. Most recently reprised her role as Elphaba in London as an original cast member once again.

Won the 2004 Best Actress Tony Award for her portrayal as Elphaba in Wicked, succeeding her co-star Kristin Chenoweth, and others including Donna Murphy and Tonya Pinkins.

Has a new album expected in early 2008, still untitled, through Warner Brother's Records, including the songs, "Brave", "Gorgeous", and "I Stand".

Has starred in movies such as Rent (2005), Ask The Dust (2006), and the upcoming Enchanted (2007), along with others including two independent films (The Tollbooth, Water).

Has managed to acquire a very large fanbase that ranges from Rent fans known commonly as "RentHeads", to fans of her music and the films she's starred in, and to the many fans of Broadway's biggest hit musical, Wicked.

Lives in New York City/LA with her husband Taye Diggs (Day Break, Private Practice), and her pets.
1. Idina Menzel is the most amazing singer and actress ever!
2. Oh my god I can't wait to go see Idina Menzel defy gravity in WICKED!
3. Let's go see Enchanted; 'Dr. Mcdreamy' Patrick Dempsy and Idina Menzel star in it!
by Idina's Number 1 Fan October 10, 2007

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