i dont give a shit

Bobby: Guess what!? I just go a promotion!!!
Dave: I'm just gonna throw out my i.d. gas right now.
Bobby: What's that?
by a.v.a. May 17, 2008
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I dont give a shit.
omfg stfu n00b, idgas 'bout j00r pos gibz0n.
by Subliminal January 10, 2004
Short for I-don't-give-a-shit.
"Shut up, idgas about your shirt."
by slumone June 16, 2009
I don't give a shit
Andrea: I'm going to Arizona tomorrow. I'm going to miss you even though you're mad at me...
Rachel: Well guess what? Idgas
by Rfal012 February 10, 2011
IdGas About Your Money Situation, We All Have It Hard Nowadays
by cmpain97 July 09, 2010
Short for "I don't give a shit"
Gandhi's non-violence is old school now. Teens these days follow the principle of ID-GAS
by underh2oman May 24, 2010
I Don't Give A Shit
used when people are talking about themselves, you, others etc and you don't want to hear it
Person: you know that this girl...
You: I.D.G.A.S
by King of Kings October 16, 2007

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