Top Definition
I don't Fucking care
Used in response to a troll on a message board.

by Shane H August 10, 2006
i don't f***ing care, to be used mainly in online chats or the like, a substitute fore idc (i don't care) used if you're angry or some other emotion that requires use of the f word.
hey man idfc what she said, it's not true.
by Cbasssl October 25, 2006
Seriously dude you looked this up? Fell in my trap.
I don't fucking care
My chow chow died
by Bruh seriously? April 29, 2015
I don't fucking care
Man 1: Dude I just won a match of FIFA
Man 2: IDFC man
by ALLAHAKBARFAM August 12, 2016
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