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the most ahmazingest person in the whole wide world!!!!!!!

dude that girls was so Idalia its like ahmazing.
by telemarketer January 10, 2009
A gorgeous pretty girl who may gets mad, she is a amazing person to hang out with, her name is similar to the flower Dalia's , Idalia can be wild and crazy, but she can be kind, she is a good person a person who never gets in trouble
Kind,mean,sleepy,awesome,weird,crazy, lazy,Idalia
by $t@[k3r January 25, 2014
Home of Idalia High School. Also known as the greatest small town in the Northern Hemisphere of the world as decided in a study known as the Greatest Small Towns in the Northern Hemisphere Study, taken by the Association of the Greatest Small Towns in the World Group. Home of Keniv Legenl.
Idalia, home of Idalia High School, has many natives now going to school at Colorado State, which is better than Kansas State.
by R. C. December 03, 2007

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