This is a shorter version of “idiot”, the root for the word “id”. This is for those whose vocabulary usually consists of some form of insult toward another.
Insulter: *mumbles* You id…your so dumb…
Insultee: I'm not an id!
by PersonWhoIsSomething-Lizterine January 17, 2005
INTIAL D, the movie of all drifts
lets go play ID?!
man, i wish i was good as that guy in id
by k8ers October 07, 2006
short form of idiot.........for those who are too tired/lazy to say a fulll word.
"vanessa you're such an id, you no that?!"
by Vanex Kraillant September 27, 2003
A combination of "stupid" and "idiot".
"boy, you is id!"
by C01DfuS10N March 11, 2004

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