International Deffocation Society
I.D.S. is another questionable secret society that leaves behind subtle yet annoying signs of existence.
by Shadow007 August 21, 2007
An abbreviation of the word 'idiot'
You're such an id
by Walkerdogfan January 25, 2013
A word used to describe if something is good, can replace the words sick, legendary or epic.
Fred: Did u see that film on BBC1 last night

Henry: Yeh, it was id!!!
by The legand December 08, 2011
A short key for illegal downloading. To ID is to "Illegal Download."
Did you ID the entire album?
by Doe, Jr April 03, 2008
id means the same as idea.
If you write ID, it means identification or identificate.
Person 1: Did you know that?
Person 2: I had no id.
Person 1: ID yourself.
Person 2: I am person 2.
by DJona June 20, 2007
an item that's pretty much only useful to be able to buy cigarettes and alcohol.

I go to the store. I go to the cashier and say, let me get two Newports. The cashier says you have "ID". I say the excuse i left it at home. The cashier automatically wont sell it to me all because of the stupid smoking and drinking age laws.
by tatomuck2 August 30, 2008
describes someone as being an idiot, just shorter.
"don't be an id"
or just simply... "id!"
by brittley June 23, 2005

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