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ICP= Insane Clown Posse. ICP is the worlds most hated band and frankly doesn't give a shit I listen to ICP and I am 12. Does that mean im some dumb wigger who can't type? No and you shouldnt stero type ICP because you dislike the fans. Most all people who hate ICP have no damn reason too other than they dislike the fans! If you want to judge ICP atleast listen to the music don't just judge them by the fans! They are really a good band people just hate them because its a trendy thing to do.
Kid: Look its a juggalo who listens to shitty ICP for music what a nerd!
Juggalo: Do you even know what a juggalo is bitch boy!
Kid: Well, no but who cares you suck
Juggalo: Fuck you dumb shit
by Eric !_!~!~` July 22, 2006
Short for Insane Clown Posse. A lot of people really hate them, mainly due to biased and arbitrary reasoning. Take my work for it, if you listen to their cd 'The Great Milenko' while smoking some chronic ass bud then you'll fall in love. That cd is so fucking trippy, it's crazy; but make sure it's that cd, 'cause all the other ones are just plain rap.
Yo, Dave was listening to ICP in his car when we went to go comp and holy shit that's some crazy ass music!
by ME January 23, 2005
ICP is a great band. They don't care what people think of them and I respect them for that. They actually did something great with their lives. Juggalos and Juggalettes are their fans. They understand ICP more than what all the other hatin motherfuckers out there do. I know how to spell, and I actually am smart. So you want to say that people who like ICP can go fuck off. While your dissing this shit you are spelling words wrong yourself fucking dumbasses. People are just scared of whats different and I'm tired of looking at all the same motherfucking people all day long. Boring we live one life why not live it for who I am and not who everyone else is. That's some of what ICP is about. My life becomes what I make of it. MMFWCL
ICP Song: Whut chorus
I am whut I am
I be whut I wanna be, WHUT
I act how I wanna act, WHUT
I see whut I wanna see, WHUT
I smack who I wanna smack, WHUT
I do whut I wanna do, WHUT
I go where I wanna go, WHUT
fuck you, you , you, and you, WHUT
forever I'm a juggalo, WHUT
by CAC35 June 04, 2007
I.C.P. is rap music with a twist to it, they dont rap about everything they hate or dislike, like most rapers do. Expl: Marshal Mathers he is all ways bitch bout his girl kim where ICP bitches to how socity is going to be down with the clown one day. ICP Consist of psytchopathic records and the like, their music is hear renching and very touching(to me) Their rap is for the kids who have cast aside and put down all they life! And iff you are a fan Your a Juugalo or Juggalette.
Juggalo: Yo this fool aint down with the clown
Juggalette: Lets beat their ass!
Guy who aint down: OH SHIT......(pisses self.......MOMMY....THE ICP LOSERS ARE COMEING THIS WAY!
Guy who aint down: ~faints~
ICP is awesome. It's an extremely good band who is hated for their fans. Which A. makes no sense and B.There's nothing wrong with juggalos or juggalettes. I know this is stated many times but I feel the need to say it again, ICP is not hateful,satanic music. If you were to listen to their music you would know that it's not a bunch of nonsense that people most commonly refer to it as. Just because you don't accept other people's taste in music doesn't mean you can hate them. Besides this is so much more than just music. What I'm really trying to say is respect ICP even if you don't like them because the only reason you don't is because you'r to stupid to listen and hear what they're saying.
juggalo:"what the fuck is wrong with ICP!?"
some dude:"Well, they just suck"
juggalo:"AW hell no, you just don't like us fans"
same dude:"so what if i don't?"
juggalo:"Well, you're just gonna have to deal with my foot up yer ass"
(i think u know what happens next)
by icp=mmfwcl August 17, 2006