HORRORCORE group consisting of Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope. Most hated music group in the world, and does not care. Because they arn't on the radio, MTV, or on television, haters of this group usually only hear about two songs, and we all know if you hear two songs of ICP, that means you can judge there music, Right?

A lot of the time though, when haters arn't hating of there music or Juggalos, they hate on the members. I've known people who don't know there names and only know them as the fat one and the wigger one. They call them retarded and such and claim that they have created a cult with there music. Claimeing that if you buy there records you will go to their heaven. Just like everything else, this is completely untrue. If they had a clue about what they were talking about, they'd know shangri'la is what juggalos want in the future for the world. No hate, no racism, nothing that ICP had to go through when they were two white boys in the ghetto of Detroit. They never claimed it is a place Juggalos go to after they die, that's just stupid. Also, haters talk about how juggalos take J's dream seriesly. That is completely retarded.

ICP's music has been described as "gay", "retarded",and "stupid". True, they do use violence and cuss words to draw attention to there music, but if you look at what there saying and not at the cuss words you would know its not all trash. Like in halls of illusians, it talks about how a drunk guy beats up his children and wife. Then J talks about how he'll fuck that guy up if he does it again. They can use all the cuss words if they want as long as they address the issue.

The whole basis of there albums is like a carnival entitie who has powers and such. The Great Milenko for one can show you all the wonders of how great the world can be, but first you have to look at the REAL world. So the music video for Halls of Illusians is a carnival ride where you see how it should be and what it really is. The Music Video for Bowling Balls is J in a basemant where he stores trophys of peoples heads, this was for Hells pitt and it basicly shows how the world is an evil place. After that they relised Shangri'la, showing that things are going to get better.

So anyway ICP = Great Band, and anywone who disagrees obviously don't know what there going for in there music, but that's ok.
Example of a haters comment:

"Pricks pricks pricks. A duo of two rednecks(IF HE HAD HEARED AN ICP SONG HE WOULD KNOW THAT IN THERE SONGS THEY ARE AGAINTS REDNECKS, RACISTS, AND STEAREOTYPES THAT YOU USE) tryin to rap, (RAP? OBVIOSLY NEVER HEARD MANY ICP SONGS) and wanting soooo much to be black yet they're white like me so they cover up their ugly faces with paint(AGAIN, OBVIOULSY NEVER HEARD MANY OF THERE SONGS, THEY NEVER, EVER COMPARE THEMSELFS, NOR SOUND LIKE ANYTHING ELSE THAT SOMEONE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR DID. THIS ISN'T EMINEM HERE). They also used to wrestlers (USED TO BE? THEY STILL ARE. OBVIOUSLY DOSN'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT ICP). I can honmestly say they are the worst music I've ever heard (HIS OPINION) that is sold as rap. ICP are gya (IMMATURE GAY JOKE), fucked up retards who should stick in metal where they belong and stay the fuck away from hip-hop (THEY DO STAY AWAY FROM HIP-HOP. IT'S HORRORCORE YOU IDIOT). These pricks alos shot to pDJ Tim westwood (...WHAT?). Oooh the big bad clowns have found daddy's gun...naughty clown (...WHAT!?)
Yours sincerley,
chief anti-fake"

So anyway, hate gets nothing but more hate. I don't care if you don't feel ICP's music and I don't care if you don't like juggalos, but hate dosn't get you shit but illusional self-esteem to the haters. And obviously, a hater would need it, right? Talking shit online? Exactly.
by Spikesy July 09, 2006
Top Definition
icp is short for Insane Clown Posse

They are a rap duo from Detroit ( whos stage names are Violent-J and Shaggy-2-Dope ), who have made themselves infamous for a number of reasons

1) thier striking appearance
2) thier fanbase
3) thier wigger-ness

lets look at these reasons in detail.

1) The icp wear face paint, a base coating of pure white all over thier faces, and then their respective patterns painted on in black, sometimes with an extra colour to match thier outfits. For a while, both of them had long dread locks aswell. Nowadays, Violent-J has bleached spiked hair, while shaggy has braids.

2) Thier fanbase (refered to as "Juggalos" for guys, and "Juggalettes" for chicks) are the biggest reason this band is as hated as they are. Juggalos and Juggalettes are all dipsh!ts... thats what it boils down to. You can be damn sure that anyone who refers to themself by this term, is a total loser. Juggalos will wear face paint, all day. Its one thing to wear the paint for an ICP event, but Juggalos will walk around all day with the stuff on.

They are all incredibly defensive when it comes to icp, which is admirable, if they didnt have the debating skills of a head of lettuce. For an example of a Juggalo's argumentative skills, see below

There is nothing wrong with ICP, but the average member of thier fanbase is a moron, which in turn will reflect on the band themselves

3) Shaggy and J both talk like a pair of wiggers, and really, they are...

BUT !!!!!!!

Dont just hate them because its the trendy thing to do. I suggest getting a copy of one or two of thier albums, because to be brutally honest, they are a good band...

im not a Juggalo, I would never dress like every day is marilyn manson's funeral, i would never wear six litres of face paint, nor do i walk around giving out about society and normal people.

but credit where credit is due, the ICP has some kickass songs. And from what ive heard, they put on a great live show.

the ICP also has strong ties with the world of professional wrestling ( the two of them have appeared in "the big 3" of ECW, WCW and the WWf/WWE, they also periodicaly run thier own promotion, JCW ), and they have thier own production company too ( psychopathic records, or something like that )

to sum up, the ICP is a rap duo. They are pretty goddamn good, but thier fans are all morons...

guy-"eh, im not really into icp"

juggalo-"fuk yall hataz, i is down wit de wikid clownz, yall playa hataz!"

guy-"go away you thirteen year old wigger"
by Emperor Bubba April 19, 2005
Insanely Comfortable Pants
Joe: dude i got some icp's on today
by Vanilla G September 15, 2007
Often used nickname for Insane clown Posse fans, but really the word for Internet Child Porn.
Juggalo: Hey, you like ICP??

Human: Fuck no, damn pedophile!!
by voorheez January 12, 2008
Short for "I see pee" most likely said in a messy restroom by someone who would pay attention to that.
Could also say
1. I notice urine
2. I observe piss
3. I view piddle
4. I discover weewee
jake: hey ben im in a bathroom now and ICP!!

ben: your retarded
by GuitR November 02, 2006
Short for Insane Clown Posse. Basically a couple of white boys who make terrible music and look like they have jizz on their faces all the time. They also have a fanbase of dipshits like them.
Bob-"Wow, ICP's songs suck so much that I'm surprised my ears aren't bleeding"
by aldkafjdlkfajdls March 20, 2009
A rap/hip-hop duo consisting of two Caucasian males from Detroit. Their fans, known as Juggalos, are very defensive but can't seem to type very well. Their detractors sometimes have a problem spelling as well, but the general opinion of this band is that you either hate them with a passion or love them with a passion.
I saw a line of people waiting outside the ICP concert and lost faith in humanity.
by YDload October 04, 2004
A rap duo from detroit consisting of two of the smartest caucasians I have ever seen in my entire life. What they do is make a few off-tempo beats that could easily be bettered on a child's toy keyboard, and scream and talk about random shit they think about when they get high on peyote about clowns, then they'll put it on a cd, slap on a couple ugly pictures of themselves in retarded clown garb, and make millions from retarded white emo kids who don't know any better. They get rich off of being worthless.
Juggalo: OHHHH YEAH, This is the new shit from ICP!!!!
Normal Human Being: He wasn't kidding when he called it shit.
...Why do juggalos like faygo?
Because it's pure shit, just like their music.
by Schwantz July 29, 2006
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