The only remotely interesting thing that happens within a 50 mile radius of Miller Place In which furries, vampires, trekies and other various degrees of nerdiness gather to buy overpriced food and spiffy fantasy cosplay outfits. After running around until their fat legs cannot run anymore, they sit down and play RPGs until 2 in the morning when security kicks them out.
Nerd 1: Hey, I just got a free weekend pass to ICon for participating on the robotics team!
Nerd 2: You suck!
Nerd 1: I wonder if a girl will come with me now that I'm a VIP.
Nerd 2: No way, even if you can keep your geekgasms under control, no girl would ever date you, you fucking nerd.
Nerd 1: *tries to cast magic on Nerd 2"
by Jonnadiah April 07, 2005
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