A pairing made of Ichigo and Rukia from Bleach by 13-15 year olds who can't understand platonic friendships. They base their reasoning off of filler, which is a step above using fanfiction, and tend to be whiny and immature. Neither character has expressed any romantic interest but tell a fan that and they will cry and stomp their feet like a 4 year old who was just denied candy. Mention how movies don't count and they'll accuse you off being a loser with no life. (Ironically, they spend so much time obsessing over this pairing they have no relationship of their own usually.) They will also try to explain their unhealthy attention by using obscure to non-existent things, like Ichigo's eyebrow arching "a certain way". They also ignore the fact that Bleach is a shonen and not a crappy teen romance where the characters meet and then make out in the rain after 2 hours of knowing each other.

Ichiruki fans despise IchiHime for the fact that it has a possibility of happening and deep down they know no straight 15 year old boy will choose a girl who can fit his 11 year old sister's clothes over a pretty girl with big boobs
Ichiruki fan: ZOMFG!!! ICHIRUKI IZ TRU LUB!!

Logical Bleach fan:You do know that Kubo just said that Ichigo and Rukia are not in love right?


Logical Bleach fan: Not exactly, but with Orihime's feelings being established, it's got more evidence than Ichiruki has.

Ichiruki: LAME!! MAI OTP SHALL PREVEIL!!! *runs off crying*

Logical Bleach Fan: Isn't Bleach a shonen, meaning romance has little to no place here?
#ichiruki #fantards #fangirls #bleach #ichihime
by fangirlslayer April 22, 2010

A delusion that has formed from the unstable minds of 15 year old girls, who cannot read traditional manga -right to left-

It should also be noted, IchiRuki is strongly related to the Herpes virus and followers are heavy carriers of the unfortunate STI.
IchiRuki Follower: They released me the other day :D However they were unable to cure my herpes... they say its now super herpes :(
#ichiruki #ichigo #rukia #bleach #manga #anime #tite kubo #lame
by Beaver cakes March 21, 2009
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