someone who ruins it for everyone. in effect it is some one who, like an iceberg, sinks the whole ship. they usually dont mean to do this but their lack of foresight or the ability to think before they speak usually ends in the misfortune of everyone else around them. This may be someone who's very presence or personality is so objectionable that they ruin your day or night. you do not want to be an iceberg!
hey, the teacher didnt ask us to turn in our drafts, should i ask him about it?
-yea sure if you want to be an iceberg!

did anyone else notice a mistake in the paychecks? I seem to have gotten payed twice. maybe i should say something to payroll?
-Dude, shut up! Dont be a fucking iceberg!

hey we are over here!!
-c'mon really? dont call her over, she's such an Iceberg! she ruins everyones night!
by mama castellucci April 26, 2013
When something is so chill, so fresh, so crispy, it is iceberg. What's more banger than a giant fucking iceberg, doing its thing out in the ocean? What's more frosty than iceberg lettuce? It works on so many fucking levels.
Yeah but it wasn't as frosty as that diving catch that the guy made to snag it, now THAT was iceberg.
by Frosty Iceberg July 31, 2011
A girl who looks great from the breasts or neck up, but is absolutely huge from the breasts down.
I looked at that girl as she was sitting in her car and she was incredibly hot; then she got out and she turned out to be just another iceberg with way too big a booty.
by ExNWPers June 25, 2005
A carefully crafted picture that only shows a person from the neck up in order to conceal their immense body. Like an iceberg most of their mass is dangerously lurking out of sight.
I just saw a high-angle close-up Facebook profile picture of this girl, better steer clear of that iceberg.
by Piglog March 03, 2011
A woman who looks great above the waist, but carries 90% of her mass below the surface. (i.e. has an extremely large booty and legs)
Friend #1, "That chick across the bar is hot!"
Friend #2, "Careful Dude, I think she's an ice berg....Keep far away."
by bsminnesota November 01, 2007
When fecal mass begins to rise out of the toilet water, whilst the majority of the body is submerged
Prior his assassination, Abraham Lincoln spoke to John Wilkes Booth
Lincoln: I just Iceberged the toilet.
Booth: Huh?
Lincoln: I filled the water, and proceeded to fill the rest of the bowl.
Booth: Sic semper tyrannis!
by Von Braun May 31, 2010
A girl or guy that is driving a car and looks really hot or cute behind the steering wheel, but when they get out of the car and you can see them completely, they are alot bigger then they should be. (Like an Iceberg, the biggest part is hidden under the water where you cant see)
Driver, "Dude, this chick parked next to us is so HOT!" Passenger, "OMG, you better take that back, she just got out of the car and is a total Iceberg!"
by LH HR October 15, 2007

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