After ejaculating onto the torso of a woman, collapsing onto her, thus creating a "sandwich" in which the two torsos are the outer chocolate cake-like wafers, and the jism is the "ice cream" between the two.
After Jack unloaded his skeet on Jill's chest, he passed out on her and they ice cream sandwiched until he woke up.

"Dude, did you see Mark at the party last night?! He came so hard on Dana that he passed out and they were totally forming an ice cream sandwich! I got a picture on my phone!"
by DandKforever July 12, 2008
Top Definition
Umm... two pieces of delicious chocolate-ness with ice cream in the middle sold at grocery stores??

(a definition not involving ass-fucking or shit-and-ejaculation-eating for once)
Yummy, my mother brought me home an ice cream sandwich. And no, it didn't have shit nor cum on it.
A cold treat made of two soft cookies and ice cream in the middle.
Many people have enjoyed the sweet treat over decades.
Not to be used as a sex word, perverts.
My mom and I made ice cream sandwiches together. They taste very good.
by Freya-Chan March 31, 2010
The act of defecating on a friend or family members open laptop and closing the lid afterward leaving a present for the next person to open it.
Dude, my bitch was cheating on me so left her an Ice Cream Sandwich.
by CaptainClamSlammer January 22, 2012
When someone blows you off and avoids answering your question by responding with something unrelated or completely random like a photo of an ice cream sandwich. This is used particularly in dating when person A asks person B if they want to go on a date and person B responds with something random instead of "yes" or "no."
I asked this guy if we were going out on Friday and he said sent me an email saying he was busy. Then, I emailed him back and asked if Saturday was better. Instead of saying yes or no, he responded by sending me a picture of an ice cream sandwich. No words, no note, just a picture of a goddamn ice cream sandwich.
by AnnoyedBeyondBelief September 11, 2009
When a white person is having a threesome with two black people
Jerome: "Yo Jamaal, I got front you got back!"
Tara: "What is this some kind of icecream sandwich!?!"
by Nathanispro May 25, 2008
noun, plural ice cream sandwiches

1. The act of filling a vagina with whipped cream and then proceeding to eat her out while enjoying a creamy snack.

2. A summer delicacy.
1. I just gave Stacy's mom the greatest ice cream sandwich.

2. That was a really good ice cream sandwich, I think I shall have another.
by Neighborhood spiderman May 25, 2012
A delectable dessert with a rectangular slab of ice cream (usually vanilla), and 2 cookies or wafers (usually chocolate chip and chocolate, respectively) on the top and bottom of the ice cream.
Ice Cream Vendor: Who wants an ice cream sandwich?
Random Guy: I do!
by Silver the Hedgehog 77 January 12, 2015

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