Another Hip-hop artist's coined term that has absolutely no meaning, makes zero since, and yet appeals to the foolish masses.
Because I am so cool I do not feel the need to utilize real terminology. Instead I describe an automobile with a unique paint job as having an ice cream paint job.
by Ivina Tinkel May 30, 2010
cream on the inside
clean on the outside
"last night me and the boys gave heidi an ice cream paint job. it was sweet."
by sexy_monkey_4_u May 29, 2009
Its when a girl sucks a guys dick, has the cum in her mouth, and starts sucking another guys dick with it in her mouth.
Last night I this threesome and this freaky girl gave us an ice cream paint job
by YaDigg123 September 17, 2009
The Act Of Ejaculating All Over A Woman's Body. Usually Seen In Bukake .
Last Night , Me And Some Of The Boys Gave Jenny An Ice Cream Paint Job .
by Nate408 March 18, 2009
When multiple men simultaneously blow their creamy man goodness all over a beautiful woman's body completely covering it in a thin layer of jizz.
Megan Fox really enjoyed that ice cream paint job we gave her last night.
by KB1869 November 18, 2009

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