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A term used to covertly refer to weed, hash, or any other THC-containing derivative of marijuana when the necessity arises to mention it in public conversation.
"Ice cream party at my house after finals!"

"Did he get enough ice cream for the weekend?"

"Mom, is it ok if I have some ice cream at his birthday party?"
by BarlaPBK October 23, 2011
2 6
1. A yummy super delicious frozen treat that comes in flavors like chocolate and vanilla, that's usually served in cones or bowls.

2. Codeword for cannabis (aka weed, pot, marijuana)
Because it can come in bowls and cones, just like the former usage of ice cream. "One scoop" can represent one gram.
1. Kid: I love ice cream!

2. Pothead: uhhhh, ill have three scoops of ice cream, with all the toppings

Dispenser: sure thing
by rek-cram September 29, 2011
4 8
The Gayest term for a blowjob of all time.
The two fags of the party had Ice Cream.
by 1rock October 09, 2009
11 19
Icecream refers to Lizz and Kyle having sex.
god damn, kyle and lizz are having icecream again!!!
by KyleCadaver August 20, 2009
11 20
One of the most delisious substance on earth!!!
if u'v never had ice cream and u take a first big bite u get a..... BRAIN FREEZE
yum delisious ICE CREAM
by sdjfhsdbluvbugok November 07, 2008
14 24
to "scoop" or pick somebody up, usually in a vehicle
yo ima ice cream you afta i make it rain.

hey, im going to pick you up after i leave the club where i spent all my cash and didn't leave with a girl so i'm pretty much ice creaming you as a last resort.
by AnthonyBitchezAKAmrMakeItRain September 12, 2008
9 20
good tasting material made of gasoline, kerosene, napalm, sugar, milk, and apples.
i tried to put out the fire with ice cream, but it only made the fire bigger.
by applesoft March 19, 2011
3 15