The morgue, more specifically the storage bin they put the bodies in. Related to the term put on ice.
Bobby was a tough guy till he ended up in the ice box.
by Jacob Parker April 20, 2005
1.A crazy son of a bitch, who constantly acts like she's on drugs but would never touch the stuff,

loves to sing along with musicals while eating everything bagels toasted with cream cheese,

who likes to use the magic numchuck to beat on her bitches. Likes to rock out with her cock out while "trying" to beat Lou on Guitar Hero.

Loves to eat spighettos and ellios pizza and burn it off by playing DDR in spongebob boxers and plastic wrap on her head.
Yo that bitch is crazy!!!She must be a Icebox! Whats up with her hair!?
by Sexy Apple Adam November 29, 2007
A member of the chode squad and has mung stains all over his mouth and in his hair
Icebox is a mung loving chode
by Jonson Gibsonson November 04, 2003
Another name for a vagina.
Tyler slammed a blonde in the Ice Box.
by Tyler krebs May 10, 2007
Used when you get off topic and you shouldn't be, in large groups. A nicer way of saying, "Shut up and get back to work!"
Person 1: So... We should get to work on the giant project due tomorrow
person 2: So yesterday I went shopping and I saw this cool shirt and I wanted to get it.
Person 3: Oh, that's so cool, I think I bought the same shirt!
Person 2: Really?
Person 1: ICE BOX!
by Kori Bo Bori Fee Fi Fo Fori April 16, 2006

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