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is the best sport in the world
and teh violence is just an added bonus
netminders rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Zoe March 12, 2004
What the goddam americans call hockey!
American: hockey whats that? i know of ice hockey. Could you name a surface.
by I'm Gr-r-r-reat November 27, 2003
The sporting equivalent of hungry hungry hippos. Repetitive, random, boring and involves about 3 different types of goals. What other sports are so crap you have allow fighting to add entertainment? No game matters one bit because there are like 80 in a season. At least half the goals you will not see go in because they are basically random goal mouth scrambles. Most of the rest happen on powerplays that are given out for nothing to generate more false excitement. Ice hockey is known to be rigged for closeness by the refs who give out 'make up calls' to keep the game entertaining (a bit like WWF). Its really great to play but its pointless to watch. If you do watch it and enjoy it you are either drunk or bored or both. Avoid.
What is the most repetitive, scruffy sport that needs the most contrivances to form an entertaining spectacle? Ice hockey. Its just plain poor.
by tcarruth October 26, 2010
what preppie queers from out east call hockey
Landon Fag: Hey, guys, lets go play ice hockey
Minnesota stud: fag
by anonymous October 28, 2004
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