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a delicious frozen treat that comes from cows. Ice cream comes in many different flavours and can often be found at your local grociery store.
hey todd wanna go get some ice cream.
by Bill September 05, 2004
1046 395
A relitively new shoe on the market. Created by Pharell Williams from the Neptunes (N.E.R.D) and Nigo, the creator of the Bathing Apes clothing and shoe line. They are marketed by Reebok. Only 3000 are currently in the market, ranging from around $300-$500 dollars.
Uh! I'm a nice dude, with some nice dreams
See these ice cubes, see these Ice Creams?
by James October 23, 2004
651 162
crack. hell even Master P calls it ice cream, and no one is more right them him.
the fiends love Mr. Ice Cream Man
by smot poker December 25, 2003
674 347
• The flavored cream of ice
• A common cure for broken hearted females
• A cold and delicious treat, perfect on hot summer days
Girl 1: "I'm so depressed...."
Girl 2: "Have some ice cream. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside."
Girl 1: "But isn't ice cream like....cold?"
Girl 2: "Oh....that's true....hmm...."
by kangaroobendaroo March 22, 2009
246 145
flavored frozen cream that comes in different flavors.
"Let's go to the ice cream shop across the street."
by lookatthiscoolname;O December 03, 2006
279 215
Release 4.0 of Google's Android.

Although Gingerbread and Honeycomb are not yet available, Google is said to be already working on Android 4.0.

No idea what it will look like, but it will be greater than great!!

Froyo and Gingerbread are said to perform great with a 1 Ghz processor, Honeycomb and Ice Cream for sure will have a big impact on hardware.

Apple and Microsoft: be afraid, very afraid.
A: I want ice cream!!

B: Patience, let's get Gingerbread first.

A: Huh?

B: Or frozen yogurt, whatever you want... Get with the program!!
by YoungR October 16, 2010
125 67
code word for sexual pleasures when you are not behind closed doors and need to talk about the type of ice cream you had whether it be chocolate vanilla or better yet mocha.
i had the best ice cream last night when i went out with Johnny.
by pink nugget August 09, 2009
164 130