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The infamous Matt Dollar, who has slain countless people for no reason at all.
Matt Dollar is a true ice blood killa.
by Ice Grilled Cheese May 17, 2004
Originally the term used to describe the ruthless gangsters of Compton, but now it refers to the invincible Matt Dollar and his non-chalant, yet unforgiving, style of carnage. Matt Dollar currently attends Santa Clara University in Sunny, Beautiful California.
The ice blood killa himself dropped by mah hood shouting slurs at me, while beatboxing and eating crackers at the same time.
by Big D January 03, 2005
A troubled young man who was often tardy and was known to crack wise. He will never make it in the world of literary criticism.
Mr. ice blood killa, so glad to see you made it to the reunion. What? Sure, I would be delighted to say "hello" to this little friend of yours.
by Chris G: Unibrowed P-I-M-P January 12, 2005
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