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crack + meth, mixed together and smoked.

similar to a snow ball (drug definition).

can be as simple as blending crack rock shavings with ice shavings in the same pipe, or as complicated as infusing the methampletamine particulates into the cocaine while it's cooking.

VERY dangerous.
one hit off that ice ball put me over the edge like a hang-glider.
by Wild Drunken Bill July 24, 2008
A gentleman's sport invented in the winter of 2004; a hybrid sport combining hockey's ice, soccer's ball control tactics, and rugby's contact and agressive play. See also best sport ever invented.
Johnny got rocked into the boards while playing an intense game of iceball.
by Amadaus January 30, 2007
speed wrapped in a rizla used for bombing.

The rizla disolves in the stomach acid and allows the speed to gradually fuck up whoever is doing the bombing, rather than them having to snort/eat/rub it all at once.
yes blad, spot me a quid so i can get some silver slims, an we'll neck these two iceballs before we head to the rex.
by clartz0r January 03, 2006
When a guy gets so little pussy that he gets such a bad case of blue balls that his balls actually freeze and after a couple days they fall off and he rips out his own eyeballs and replaces them with his testicles then stretches his icy scrotum over his nose and mouth so he can no longer breathe and eventually dies in the middle of grand centeral park where pigeons forever crap on him.
Man i'm a 40 year old virgin and my doctor diagnosed me with ice balls. i guess it could be worse.
by Jeff Natenstedt April 16, 2006