A girl who is so ugly you can't bare to look at her. But her face is actually not that bad.
Rob "Yo check out that huge b*tch"

Dimitri "Wow shes huge but her face isn't that bad"

Greg "Holy shit she's got an I can't believe its not butter face"
#butter face #obese #unnatractive #margarine face #girl
by Daga Jobin August 04, 2010
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Top Definition
Thinking a woman has an ugly face based on voice or body only to find she is smokin'.
That new bitch has anIcantbelieveitsnotbutterface.
#ugly #butterface #butterbody #chodemuncher #hornswaggler
by Pattyblades August 10, 2006
A girl who you think has an unattractive face until you finally see her up close and are pleasantly surprised....
"Joe dude I thought that chick was a fuckin ugly cunt, but she actually had a I can't believe it's not butterface."
#butterface #ugly sally #paper bag #bodybagger #ugly chick #cunt
by Kyle JC January 04, 2008
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