its whats off tha chain yo. snap, a sista cant explain enough lately. fo sho!
aw snap! man, hes so cute up- and down! he gonna slide, past west side brutha. fo real! (stay white, god stay white)
by Jeanine August 21, 2003
Top Definition
it's "ebonics" dumbass
Only fucking ediots speak ibonics.
by Nick D February 21, 2003
Italian ebonics. Real Italians do not speak this way.
American Italians mis-pronounce words such as mozzarella and ricotta into moot-suh-rel' and ri-goht', this is ibonics.
by UbdU May 08, 2007
A linguistic trend involving the use of acronyms, deliberate misspellings, and omitted letters and punctuation, for the purpose of quicker typing and/or texting on any of the various intarwebz. Not to be confused with leetspeak, which requires correct spelling using representational characters.
Troll - "OMG, ur so ghey I pwnd u lollerz!!!1!!!11!!"

Grammar Nazi - "Quit talking in ibonics, scrub..."
by Garble May 01, 2008
A person who is very genuine,unique, a person who is down to earth, a person who hardly sleeps/ insomnia. A person who is constantly alert,smart,never backs up, helpfull,legit,etc...

Founder of this word can be best found on instagram (ibonic). Very outgoing persons are very well known and defined as bonics.
Tonight we are all bonic(down to earth).

That looks bonic as fuck! (Legit)

by kimberly893 April 11, 2013
the words that are misspelled during chat and/or text conversations however the recipient still gets the point of the message.
him text: "I'm ass ears."

her text: "?"

her text: "Got it."

his text: "I meant I'm ALL ears. I'm tired and have been typing ibonics all night."

her text: "Got that"
by BryZen July 05, 2010
what our kids are learning now a days at school from teachers who've gone to college and didn't learn what they were 'spose to.
well...enough said
by Me! April 01, 2004
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