A mild hallucinogen used to qwell symptoms of opiate and other drug addictions (ie. heroine, etc.). It is used rarely for methamphetamine,amphetamine and even alcohol addictions.It is used mainly in rehabilitation centers, but is some times used recreationally.
Heroine Addict: "I need some smack!"
Doctor: "NO!"
Heroine Addict: "GIMME! I NEED IT SO BAD!"
Doctor: "Nurse get the ibogaine"
Nurse: "Yes doctor"
-15 Minutes Later-
Heroine Addict: "Ahhhh I feel better now"
#ibogaine #iboga #hallucinogen #rehab drug #drug #heroine helper
by C. Dawson December 13, 2006
Top Definition
a psychoactive substance that comes from the iboga plant in Gabon, Africa; often used to treat addiction, removing the withdrawal symptoms and cravings. It is a legal substance in many countries including Canada, Mexico, Thailand, and China but schedule-one in America.

This medicine is used in the Bwiti religion of Africa. Using it produces three phases: the visionary phase, the introspective phase, and the come down. It often produces a period of vomiting and ataxia during the visionary phase. It is truly a medicine and not a recreational drug.
#ibogaine #ibo #iboga #iboka #ibokka
by Ibogained me some new friends January 06, 2014
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